Ashley (starrylites) wrote,

[fic] Bluretto Flashes (1/?)

Title: Bluretto Flashes
Author: Ashley starrylites
Rating: PG-13 for groping
Category: AU Smallville
Characters: Red Blue Blur and Stiletto
Word Count: ~600
Spoilers: Stiletto obviously ;)
Disclaimer: Red Blue Blur and Stiletto are creations of Smallville, which I am not affiliated with.
Summary: During last week's episode, I was thoroughly amused by the sudden influx of "Bluretto" shippers on the internet. This is going to be a series of flash fictions (never anymore than 1000 words each) and not necessarily connected to each other. It is up to you to decide if it's an AU Smallville world where these really happen, or if I'm just a silly Bluretto shipper that Chloe found on a message board :)

Stiletto stood in the alleyway waiting for Red Blue Blur to show up. A note on red and blue construction paper was hard to take seriously, but she knew those notes were always true to their word. She swallowed and kept shifting her eyes to the street, afraid that if someone couldn’t see her cape and black leather they would mistake her for a damsel in need of a mugging. This was not the night for that.

A familiar whoosh swept around her and another piece of paper showed up in her hands. It was hand-written, which surprised her, and Stiletto couldn’t help but smile; he had cute handwriting. APT 30, Cinnamon Tree Apartments, 24th and Center. She had to wonder how he found all these random empty apartments, but what was the point in asking? He wasn’t going to answer.

She was his no-strings-attached, off-the-record, girl of choice. He seemed keen to keep it that way by not saying anything that could be put on the record. Not that Stiletto cared.

She folded her new note and stuck it between the leather and her bra, taking off at a quick pace, heightened by clicking heels and rubbing leather.

Stiletto arrived at the apartment and went up the stairs, checking each floor for the number 30. Six flights later, it was the last one down the hall and around the corner. The floor creaked underneath her, and her heel pushed a knothole through to the hallway below. She winced and tried the doorknob. It turned, the door announced her presence, and she walked in. Not a sliver of light came in from the windows; she couldn’t see what was over the top of them, but every time they met, he made absolutely sure he wasn’t seen.

Strangely enough, though, Stiletto always pictured a red jacket and blue t-shirt. It was completely silly; why would he wear the exact same outfit every time they met?

The door clicked and immediately arms wrapped around her from behind. “Well, hello,” she whispered, leaning back against him.

“Hello, Stiletto. How are you?” His voice was deep, but not scratchy, familiar, and yet completely foreign.

She turned around in his arms and wrapped her own around his neck she couldn’t see that but sat about an inch above her head. “Always better when I get to—hear you.”

Red Blue Blur chuckled and kissed her softly. Stiletto had absolutely no idea where his mouth was, but without fail when he kissed her, he got it spot on, every time. It was a reminder that he was a real superhero and she was not, and it made her jealous. Though not too jealous; she did get to kiss him after all.

His lips fell away, leaving her with nothing beyond his arms for comfort in the total dark. Stiletto pulled her hands off his neck to run down his chest. Another t-shirt. Always a t-shirt.

His mouth found her neck, and he nipped at her pulse. She moaned and felt his lips curve into a smile. “You’re ambitious tonight,” she said, fanning her fingers over his chest.

He chuckled. “Just getting comfortable with you.” His hands left her back, and he shifted to stand to the side. His hand rested on her stomach and crawled up to her chest. Excitement swelled within her; this was the night they were taking it farther. The instant his hand squeezed her breast, however, he was gone. One last whoosh, her hair blown up all around her face, and it was over. She was alone, again, in the quiet dark.

He wouldn’t be back, not for another couple of weeks.
Tags: bluretto flashes, fanfic, smallville

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