January 31st, 2009

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The Clana Resolution Pool

I'm not a betting person, however...

Word on the street is the February 5th airing of Smallville is the final appearance of Lana in the show. That also means the relationship with Clark and Lana has to come to a close in some shape or form. This pool is all about the means to the end.

We do not discriminate against ships. Lois/Clark, Clark/Chloe, Lois/Ollie, Ollie/Tess, even Clark/Lana...you are more than welcome to throw in your vote.

Don't worry, you can give the same answer as someone else; we will not force you to give a different answer.

The stakes: your pride in the fandom
The winnings: the pride of getting it right, and probably a nifty banner

Ready to place your bet? Use the form below:

Once you have completed casting your vote, make our little game known:

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